Wednesday, 2 March 2011



These are our new images that will be used within our title sequence as we have changed our title sequence we needed new images,we think these photographs above best suit our idea for the title sequence and people would understand the title sequence a lot better then they had with our last title sequence. These individual photographs indicate that this is a crime has been committed and this is a crime scene this is shown from there different view points from the photographs and as some photo shots are close up, side face view, over the body view, head down wards view, feet up wards view , from certain angles such as the arms of the young 'victim' within these images you can see a young girl has been murdered because next to her body e.g head,arms and legs are pieces of white card with a number on them,which give hints, clues towards our idea as well as there are the shots of the male(Danny)/the murder with the 'victim' next to him laying on the floor. 

These images are very clear as you can see the layout of the scene where the young girl is laying and you can see you her body position and what is around her, by the images you can grasp an idea from them which is what we wanted for people to understand our idea.As we are using these images within the title sequence we thought it would be a good idea for the images to appear one by one, straight after the other in a fast motion as well as adding the sound of photographs being taken this is to give of the effect of a 'c.s.i' person taking the photographs.  

Monday, 14 February 2011

FEED BACK on our title sequence


in our lesson on wednesday 2rd of February our class was making adjustments to their videos of their title sequence this gave us enough time to sort our title sequence out to watch them which was a good idea because near towards the end of the lesson we got the present our title sequence. we got to see three of the groups title sequence out of five including mine and paula's title sequence as there was about 15 minuets left we were not able to watch the rest of the groups title sequence and not given them feedback, we got the chance to show our title sequences to the rest of the class and as we did we got feedback from the class and the teacher,at first i did not want our title sequence to be shown as it was not finished yet but i am glad to have done. As our title sequence was viewed by others the feedback we had got was that our title sequence is rather confusing, as they did not know what was going on and it is a bit over the place as in the shots did not follow on well for them to get the idea so we had to change our title sequence. as there is not much time left we have decided to keep the same idea just change to way of how we film it and the shots. because we we changed our title sequence the improvements that needed to be made were; improving shots for better views making the shots clearer, include new shots for more details. Also the lighting should be viewed differently,either brighter or dimer for the full effect to see if the shots work better with the lighting or without. Going back into it would take a lot of time, as we would have to re shoot certain shots or all of it Which means that the story boards have to be different to match the shots that would of been filmed. we have considered changing people, as Danny's character has to look a bit more evil/violent instead of someone who seems harmless.


We have decided to use Liam as Danny, as he looks unique. This means that he has a different style to everybody else. The fact of him being unique may mean that he could do different things than other people. In this case, he would be a violent person with a mental illness. However, his tattoos and clothing hide everything away as people would be more focused on his appearance.

This is another character that has been involved in our film/title sequence. Laura does not play any parts in our movie but is also a victim as seen in the images below. We have chosen Laura to be one of the victims as she is also an ordinary young girl just getting on with her life, and she does not look suspicious or any different from other ordinary girls.


Monday, 31 January 2011


As we are using one of the genre's thriller in our film, i thought it would be a good idea to research and look at the genre of thriller how it has become so popular as a genre within films, and answering questions like why has thriller been used so much in films in books,novels ? why does thriller appeal to the public? how long has the genre of thriller been used ? when was it first discovered? how can thriller be used in films ? comparing thriller movies from back in the day from how thriller is now in thriller movies. theses question are good to find out more about the genre of thriller and the reasons for why people/ film companies use thriller within in their films.

Thriller films from 1980-1990's....

Friday 13th (1980)

 1958, two summer camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake, Barry (Willie Adams) and Claudette (Debra S. Hayes), sneak away from a campfire sing-along to make out. Before they can completely undress, an unseen assailant sneaks into the room and murders Barry by slashing his stomach. Claudette screams in panic but is murdered immediately after. On Friday, June 13, 1980, Annie (Robbi Morgan) arrives at a small diner and asks for directions to Camp Crystal Lake, much to the shock of the restaurant's patrons and staff. Enos (Rex Everhart), a truck driver from the diner, agrees to give her a lift halfway to the camp. A strange old man named Ralph (Walt Gorney) reacts to the news of the camp's reopening by warning Annie that they are all doomed. During the drive, Enos warns her about the camp, informing her that a young boy drowned in Crystal Lake, one year before the double murders occurred, followed by several fires and poisoned water. After Enos lets her out, Annie hitches another ride in a Jeep. The second driver, whose face is never seen, murders Annie by slicing her throat with a large hunting knife after her futile efforts to escape.
At the camp, the other new counselors, Ned (Mark Nelson), Jack (Kevin Bacon), Bill (Harry Crosby), Marcie (Jeannine Taylor), Brenda (Laurie Bartram), Alice (Adrienne King) and the camp's owner, Steve Christy (Peter Brouwer), are refurbishing the cabins and facilities. As a violent storm closes in on the horizon, Steve leaves the campgrounds to get more supplies. The unidentified killer begins to isolate and murder the counselors. Ned dies first off-screen from a slashed throat while investigating a fleeting figure seen entering a cabin. His body is stashed in a upper berth of the same bunk bed which Jack and Marcie soon unknowingly occupy for their sexual tryst. Jack, lingering in the bed, gets killed by an arrow which thrusts from under the bed and impales his neck. Unaware of jack's death, Marcie briefly returns, only to have an ax slammed into her face.
Meanwhile, Alice, Brenda and Bill are playing strip Monopoly in the main cabin. Brenda leaves for bed in her cabin. Reading before sleep she hears a child's voice outside crying "Help me" several times. As she goes out to investigate, the lights at the archery range suddenly turn on and Brenda is murdered off-screen. Alice informs Bill that she thinks she heard Brenda screaming and that she saw the lights turn on at the archery range. Alice and Bill leave the cabin to investigate and find a bloody axe in Brenda's bed. Attempting to phone the police, they discover the phones are dead and, when they try to leave, the car won't start. Steve finally returns from town without his stalled jeep but is quickly murdered by an apparently familiar although off-screen attacker. 
directed by:Sean S. Cunningham
Writer: Victor Miller
Country: USA
Release Date: 9 May 1980 (USA) 
Also Known As: Vendredi 13 
Filming Locations: Blairstown, New Jersey, USA See more »

Dressed to kill (1980)
imgres.jpgWhile taking a shower, Kate Miller, a middle-aged, sexually frustrated New York housewife, has a rape fantasy while her husband stands at the sink shaving. Later that day, after complaining to her psychiatrist Dr. Robert Elliott about her husband's pathetic performance in bed, she meets a strange man at a museum and returns to his apartment where they continue an adulterous encounter that began in the taxicab. Before she leaves his apartment, she finds papers which certify that the man has a venereal disease. Panicked, Kate rushes into the elevator, but has to return to his apartment when she realizes she's forgotten her wedding ring. When the elevator doors open, she's brutally slashed to death by a tall blonde woman wearing dark glasses. Liz Blake, a high-priced call girl, is the only witness to the murder and she becomes the prime suspect and the murderess's next target. Liz is rescued from being killed by Kate's son Peter, who enlists the help of Liz to catch his mother's killer as Detective Marino who's in charge of the case is uncooperative in the investigation.
Directed by
Produced by
Andy Wachowski
Larry Wachowski
Grant Hill
Written by
Andy Wachowski
Larry Wachowski
Music by
Editing by
Distributed by
Release date(s)
March 31, 1999(United States)
April 8, 1999 (Australia)
Running time
136 minutes
United States
$63 million
Gross revenue
Followed by

The Matrix (1999).
 1999-poster-matrix-5.jpgthe matrix is about a Computer programmer Thomas A. Anderson (Keanu Reeves) leads a secret life as a hacker under the alias "Neo" and wishes to learn the answer to the question "What is the Matrix?". Cryptic messages appearing on his computer monitor and encounters with three sinister Agents, led by Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), lead him to a group led by the mysterious underground hacker Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), a man who offers him the chance to learn the truth about the Matrix. Several members of Morpheus' inner circle, including an infamous female hacker called Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), take Neo to a secret meeting, but only after they have exposed and removed a robotic tracking bug implanted in Neo's body by the Agents. Morpheus then offers Neo a choice between two pills: A blue pill that would return him to his old life, and a red pill that would allow him to learn the answers he seeks. Neo swallows the red pill, and he abruptly finds himself in a liquid-filled pod, his body connected by tubes and cables to a vast mechanical tower covered with identical pods. The connections are severed, and he is rescued by Morpheus and taken aboard his ship, the Nebuchadnezzar. Neo's atrophied physical body is restored, and Morpheus explains the situation.
Morpheus informs Neo that the year is not 1999, but estimated to be closer to 2199, and that humanity is fighting a war against intelligent machines created in the early 21st century. The sky is covered by thick black clouds created by the humans in an attempt to cut off the machines' supply of solar power. The machines responded by using human beings as their energy source in conjunction with nuclear fusion, later growing countless people in pods and harvesting their bioelectrical energy and body heat. The world which Neo had perceived since birth was actually the Matrix, an illusory simulated reality construct of the world as it was in 1999, developed by the machines in order to keep the human population docile in their captivity. Morpheus and his crew belong to a group of free humans who "unplug" others from the Matrix and recruit them to their resistance against the machines. They are able to use their understanding of the Matrix's nature to bend the simulation's laws of physics, giving them superhuman abilities within the virtual world. Morpheus believes that Neo is "the One," a man prophesied to end the war through his limitless control over the Matrix.
Neo is trained as a member of the rebellion. A socket in the back of Neo's skull, formerly used by the machines to connect him to the Matrix, also allows knowledge to be uploaded directly into his mind. In this way, he learns numerous martial artsdisciplines, and demonstrates his kung fu skills by sparring with Morpheus in the rebels' self-contained virtual reality environment, impressing the crew with his speed. Further training introduces Neo to the key dangers in the Matrix itself. He learns that fatal injuries suffered within the simulated reality will also kill one's physical body in the real world. He is warned that the Agents he previously met are powerful sentient computer programs whose purpose is to seek out and eliminate any threats to the Matrix simulation. Among their superhuman powers is the ability to take over the virtual body of anyone still directly connected to the Matrix. Morpheus is confident that once Neo fully understands his own abilities as "the One", the Agents will be no match for him.
the matrix it more technical as it is based on computer programs, people who can entre a computeried unvivers as well as there own but with help of a technical device that links thier brain into that unvivers along with their natural way of thinkning and moveing.

Thriller films from 2000-2011 ....
saltimgres.jpg  Within this film we have Salt the movie with Angelina Jolie! Salt is also one of the best thriller movies of 2010. If you think that this is the best thriller movie of 2010 give a vote for Angelina Jolie. Now I want to tell you some details about this thriller movie and to show you a great trailer for Salt.

Studio: Columbia Pictures
Release: July 23, 2010
Director: Phillip Noyce
Writer: Brian Helgeland, Kurt Wimmer
Cast: Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor

Genre: Action

Here we have Twilight Saga Eclipse 2010 another serious candidate for the title "The Best Thriller Movie of 2010". This movie Twilight Saga Eclipse have so many fans and I think this will be the winner here at the poll. If you think that Twilight Saga Eclipse is the best thriller movie of 2010 give it a vote. But now let me give you some details about Twilight Saga Eclipse:
Director: David Slade
Writer: Melissa Rosenberg
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Cast: Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser



friday the 13th
Friday the 13th is a 2009 American slasher film directed by Marcus Nispel, and written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. It is a reboot of the Friday the 13th film series,[4][5] which began in 1980 and previously released the 2003 crossover Freddy vs. Jason. Nispel also helmed the 2003 remake of Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), while Shannon and Swift wrote the screenplay for Freddy vs. Jason. The film stars Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees, with Jared Padalecki,Amanda Righetti, and Danielle Panabaker portraying the male and female leads. Friday the 13th follows Clay Miller (Padalecki) as he searches for his missing sister, Whitney (Righetti), who is taken by Jason while camping in the woods at Crystal Lake.
The concept for the 2009 film originally started as an origin story, but the film evolved into a reimagining of the first four Friday the 13th films. Along with bringing the film back to its tonal roots, Jason was designed as a leaner and faster killer, with a backstory that could provide a little sympathy for the character, but not enough that he would lose his menace. Although this film reboots the continuity, Jason's iconic hockey mask,[6] which was not introduced until the third film in the series, is acquired through the progression of the film. In keeping with the tone of the film, Jason's mask was also brought back to its roots, created from a mold of the original mask used for Part III; though, subtle changes were made to keep it unique to the new film. Friday the 13th also incorporated some of Harry Manfredini's music score from the original Friday the 13th film series, as the producers recognized the iconic status it held.[7]